What Brings Happiness to Your Table?

She Brings Happiness to the Table–That’s what the billboard said that we drove by on our way through Reno; It was an ad for a restaurant. I thought to myself, “Really?! Food equals happiness?! Come on people do you really believe that?” And then literally about a minute later I said to Matt, “I can’t wait to get to Starbucks. I need my coffee before I die.” That’s right, I believe the lie that she brings happiness to the table.

I’ve thought about that billboard so many times since I saw it and have evaluated how I often believe that things, people, and even food will bring me happiness. The truth is that God alone fills the void that we have in our souls. He supplies our every need. He is the only source of true joy in this life and the life to come. Look around, there is a world of hurting people, who are in turn hurting people, trying to find happiness in all the wrong places.

And now there’s a new challenge in my life. I recently found out that I have food allergies. I know, big deal. There are literally millions of people starving in the world and I have to eliminate a few from my diet and I’m a whiny mess. But here’s where the rubber hits the road so to speak. I have to daily ask myself now (in a new way), will I really find my satisfaction in God alone or that piece of cheese? Will I choose self-discipline in helping my body to not be harmed by what I eat and trust God to meet my every need and desire? I will not die by eliminating dairy, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and a few more but right now I feel like it (I know, who’s allergic to lettuce and carrots? That’s right, me).

Funny how when someone tells you you shouldn’t do something that’s all you can think about. Don’t tell me humans don’t have a sinful nature. All I want to eat is a mexican dish with lots of cheese, salsa, sour cream and lettuce. So if I look like I want to cry, it’s because I do; I want cheese! So excuse me now while I go pray for strength to carry on.

In all seriousness, what do you believe brings happiness to the table?

3 thoughts on “What Brings Happiness to Your Table?”

  1. Jody, so sorry to hear about your food allergies! I have never heard of someone being allergic to lettuce. That is crazy. Really tough hit with the cheese, though. That would eliminate 80% of my diet.

    2 thoughts regarding your post:
    1) Paul used the phrase “their god is their stomachs” in a pretty negative context in Phil 3, which makes me think that having self control in the area of food is something that we should do. I struggle in this area big time.
    2) I think food does bring happiness (the same with many other earthly things). Not that there is anything wrong with happiness, it’s just temporary. It doesn’t last, so it would be pretty sad if all someone had in life are a few moments or periods of happiness. But I think that ‘Joy’ is something else altogether. See Hebrews 12:2 for example. I don’t know how to adequately describe Joy, but it is more than a feeling or emotion. Definitely comes from God alone.

  2. I definitely enjoy food a little too much (and coffee)!!! So sorry about the food allergies, but hopefully by eliminating them, you will feel better and it will make it worth it! Jeff is also allergic to tomatoes:).

  3. I have some thoughts on so-called food allergies that will not actually kill you. However, I can save them for another time when you need respite and not encouragement. 🙂 YOU CAN DO IT! And when you just can’t do it, take solace in the fact that these are food sensitivities and while you might be uncomfortable after eating the wrong things, sometimes that’s totally worth it.

    Having your throat swell shut after eating the wrong things is something else entirely. Don’t risk that one.

    I love you!


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