Summertime Favorite Things (#2)

Thankfully we have returned to better weather in Portland so we’re soaking up the sunshine when it’s out to bless us. Here are a few more of my favorite summertime things:

Meet Debbie (That really is the name painted on the side). This is my antique Schwinn. When we bought it it still had the original tires on it. I have upgraded those and of course the seat. Isn’t she pretty? I love going for a leisurely stroll with my family on our bikes. I say leisurely because it has no gears (and that means I go slow).

After an outing on our bikes there’s nothing better than coming home and grilling in the backyard. Fresh veggies and some delicious meat (because we are carnivores around here) just can’t be beat.

And of course, flowers are always a favorite; especially ones that are larger than my childs head. And that is hard to do when you have cheeks the size of his.

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