That’s What She Said…..

During the 4th of July: “I can’t believe my eyes!” She said this over and over again.

During the fireworks she said, “This is so fun! I love staying up all night!”

I had just commented on how the fireworks near the casinos were incredible and all those poor people who lost their money were seeing it blown up in the fireworks. A few minutes later she said, “how did they lose there money and have it sucked into the fireworks?” She doesn’t miss much.

Matt said, let’s tell jokes. Jenna say’s ok. “why did the lady bug cross the road?” I don’t know. Why? “To get to the other side. But she was too slow and got hit by a car. Bahahahahah!” “Now you tell one dad.” I don’t really have one he says. “That’s ok, make one up and I’ll pretend laugh.”

Her and Matt were on the paddle board and Matt turned and asked her if she was having fun. She said, “I’m fine just watch where you’re going.” I have no idea where she’s heard that before……

I was laughing at something she said and she said, “why do you always think what I say is funny and have to blog about it?”

Before we took her to childcare I told her we needed to take a blanket for rest time. She said, “I don’t want to take a nap. It will mess up my hair.”  She is totally my daughter.

We asked if she was excited to eat a hot lunch at childcare and she said, “Yes but I’m not going to eat my peaches or peas.” Well ok then.

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