Crushed in it’s Path

I was anticipating another session with Frances Chan today and of course it was phenomenal. I’m not sure why I put on make-up; I just keep crying it off. He had so many challenging things to share that I can’t do it all in one post. So I’ll start with one thing that stood out and it’s actually the first thing he dove into. Have you ever been impacted by someone elses sin? Or have you ever seen how your sin has taken a toll on those around you?

In Joshua 7 it talks about how there was a man named Achan and because he had sinned and was hiding it the men that were sent out to battle that day, 37 of them perished. They died as a result of another man’s sin. How unfair–I mean, really–was it the fault of those other men that Achan sinned? Of course not. But they paid the price non-the-less.

We do not live in a bubble and the things we do (whether good or bad) always impact someone around us, and often times a multitude of people around us. Unfortunately very recently I have been feeling suffocated by the sin of others in our lives. It saddens and crushes my spirit to see that sin really does bring death. It’s reality. It may not be a physical death in the present but it brings death to relationships, hopes and dreams. The affects of sin ripple out and flood over others in it’s path. So today hit home and it makes me cling to the God of mercy and grace and plead with Him that I will not allow my sin to creep in or overtake my life and therefore crush others in it’s path.

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  1. hey jody, thanks for sharing this… I actually have been noticing this very subject in my marriage. just how my attitude can affect my husbands, which trickles down to our son and affects our whole week or month.. etc… It is truly amazing how fast and furious satan can do his work!


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