Colorado Bound

This morning we got up before the sun, rudely awakened our children and got on a plane to head to our National Staff Conference in Colorado. It is a great time every couple years to be with thousands of other staff, be encouraged and challenged and gain vision again for where our ministry is going. It’s a very worth while time but it’s also challenging when you have small kids. Doing what we do is not always easy and requires a lot of flexibility.

This year at CSU we get to hear from Francis Chan among other great speakers, worship with 10th Ave North & the David Crowder Band, and they’re going to announce what the new name of Campus Crusade For Christ is going to be. I think everyone is anxious to hear that news.

This year I’m also going to be helping out with mentoring other women in how to use technology in ministry. I think it’s really important to have some skill in this are and be familiar with things like Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. With that being said, I also have my husband as a constant mentor to me. Let’s just hope I can be helpful for someone else in this area. I’m begining to wonder if I ever should have said I could do it but I’m just hoping God will use me to help encourage others in this area in any way I can.

So today will be a long marathon of a day with travel, registering at the conference and then the “County Fair.” They set up some carnival rides, petting zoo, pony rides, food, and music for the staff as the kick-off of the conference. It’s my husbands worst nightmare with thousands of people, long lines, and yet it’s a highlight for all those 4 year olds out there. Pray for us, I think we’ll need it.

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  1. We can’t wait to see you guys and we’re praying for travels and settling. And I’m with Matt on the carnival. I went into labor with Eli after the Halloween trick-or-treat free-for-all in old town. SO. MANY. PEOPLE.


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