A Fun Treat

I read a blog called LemonTree3 which is a really great blog about all kinds of things really. They talk about fashion, crafts, life, exercise, Jesus, etc. They are far more creative and fashionable than I am so I like to check it out. Anyway, they had a giveaway a couple weeks ago and I won a couple towels from one of the days. So fun! I’ve never won anything on a blog giveaway before so I was pretty excited. And who doesn’t need a fun new towels for the kitchen?! These bright and wonderful towels were waiting for me when I got home from Tahoe. Thanks again ladies!

1 thought on “A Fun Treat”

  1. Yay! What fun! I also never win things and got some fun cards from FoxyBlunt.com over Christmas. Fun, fashionable, and free is always a winner in my book!


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