Summertime Favorite things…..

I have a lot of favorite things to do in the summer. You may think it’s packing and unpacking because we do so much of it, but no. I do not enjoy those things. When we were leaving Tahoe some of the moms shared some of the things we were most excited for when we got home and so far we’ve gotten to do several of mine. What a blessing.

It started out by going to the Farmer’s Market in our neighborhood and buying some delicious produce. Then we went to the park so the kids could play. There’s something so sweet about listening to kids giggle while swinging through the air without a care in the world.

Today we went to some yard sales (that’s Jenna enjoying some of her treasures) and then headed to Sauvie Island to pick some berries. I love to stock up for the winter, make jam, and it was so fun to take the kids. Hopefully we’ll go back a couple more times before the season is over. 

And now Matt and I are enjoying our deck while peacefully watching the mole holes and praying the smoke bomb kills those little rascals. Our yard was beautiful before we left and now we have 21 holes in the yard. So the war is on and one of my new favorite things will be to conquer the moles and see them disappear from my yard.

What are some of your favorite things? I’ll share more as the summer goes on.

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