Calling all CCC Bloggers (Or Possible Bloggers)

If you’re like me then you’re slow to join any trend, especially when technology is involved. It always takes a huge push from my husband to get me to join in the fun. I’m so glad I have him to help me in this area.

This year at CSU (Campus Crusade National Staff Conference) they are putting together some things that will help other staff women in this area. I think to be effective in ministry in so many ways it’s crucial to know how to use Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even have a blog. I’ve seen God use it in my life to minister to others and it’s fun too.

So, even if you don’t blog I bet you read a few from time to time. Come join us!

At CSU they are going to have a blogger Meet-n-Greet. So if you’re a staff women you should all join us. It will be in The Rim Coffee Shop in the bottom of Durrell. Drop by between the hours of 3:30-5:00 on the 20th.

If you’re not a staff person I still want to hear from you, why do you blog?

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