The Blessings of a Staff Kid

I am so thankful that we get to raise our kids on staff with Campus Crusade. I feel this way all the time but it’s accentuated while on summer project. It’s so incredible to travel with them, immerse them in the lives of students and staff who love God, and see them be loved on by so many people. Not only do we have a huge support base who give financially and pray for us that invest in our lives as well as our kids, they will be loved on by hundreds of college students in their life time.

It brings joy to my heart that they will have friends to grow up with and travel with. It brings joy to see students fight over who gets to hold Isaac next at dinner time. It brings joy to my heart to have my daughter sit in the hammock and listen (as well as a 4 year old listens) to the students share their experiences from the day as they went out and engaged others in spiritual conversations. This is life, this is our normal. And I love it.

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