A Compelling Vision

This past week Mark Gauthier (one of our national directors) came to speak to our staff and students. He spoke on our summer project when Matt and I first met and I was hooked by the vision he cast for the world then and I still am today. I am thankful that we have leaders who are leading this ministry with heart, authenticity and a call to reach the world. It was a blessing to have him here and it gave me a renewed vision for what we do. He shared that today more than any time since the 70’s people are responding to the gospel at an incredibly higher percentage. Is that hard for you to believe? Sometimes it is for me. But in a world that is full of brokenness how can the reality of a God who loves no matter what, gives hope for today and eternity, and pursues you not be attractive?! Let us never stop sharing that with others. EVERY person is on a spiritual journey. May we never be afraid to enter into that with others and share Christ with them. It’s the most loving thing we can do.

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