For the Record….

Isaac had his 9 month check up this week (this picture was right before he tore that paper to shreds on the table). And for the record, his height is at 100% at 31 inches, his weight is down to 95% at 24 lbs 13 oz. and his head is at 75%. I know, you’re all shocked that his head is only 75% but his cheeks are just deceiving. And apparently the fact that he started army crawling this week slimmed him down 5% in the weight category 😉

Other fun facts about Isaac at 9 months is that he laughs a lot and keeps us smiling. He still loves to snuggle and gives great hugs. He is apparently more stubborn than I thought he would be as he goes to the only things in the house that he knows he shouldn’t, especially if they are 5 times his size and he thinks he can pull them over.  He is freakishly strong. Matt caught him in the kitchen in his walker and he had already pulled a kitchen chair half way across the room. And when we went to the doctor she put a rubber ball in front of him, he reached out and palmed it with one hand and held it for a second before using his other hand. The doctor was sure that he has a future in some sport. Life is amping up around here. My sweet boy is going to give us all a run for our money.

3 thoughts on “For the Record….”

  1. I can’t believe he is so tall! my son is only 32 inches and he is almost 2! I have a shorty i guess 🙂

  2. WOW. I should be praying harder for you (I was just with my nearly-nine-month-old nephew, and he’s nowhere near this stuff!). You bet your sweet bippy he’s gonna give you a run for it!


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