An Interesting Ending

Don’t worry, I’ll post more about Hawaii in the next week because it was AMAZING. But right now I want to share about our last PDX team dinner to end our first year here. Well, we went out in Portlandia fashion that’s for sure.

We started out our evening up at Council Crest, one of the highest points in Portland where you can see the city below. We began the year there to pray for the city and we wanted to end there to give glory to all we’ve seen God do. It poured, and I mean poured while we were there and we huddled under the only small covering there was. Yep, it rains here sometimes.

Then we headed to dinner at a place called Salvador Molly’s. They have an appetizer called Great Balls of Fire and apparently the guy who goes to crazy places and tries to eat all kinds of weird food from the Food Channel had gone there and could not eat them. So clearly we had to order a plate of them to give it a try. I simply touched it with my finger and put it in my mouth and about died. My lips burned for 10 minutes. Matt took one bite and regretted it and then Dave ate 2 of them making it look easy. No one else would try them if I remember right. Then a guy behind us ordered a plate and ate all of them. He didn’t look pained at all and I’m pretty sure he was on a date. So either he was totally screaming inside and faking it or he was made of steel.

After our diner we headed to a coffee shop to hang out a little more. I suggested a place that I’d never been but it was supposed to have a lot of seating. We arrive and ordered and realize that they are going to have belly dancing for entertainment. Yep, one after another, these brave women got up to shake their stuff. They even stopped after the first one to demonstrate how and where to tip. This made for some very interesting table conversation for us and of course we had to take a picture because we like to document awkward situations.

Yep, that’s Portlandia for you and pretty much summed up the list of weird experiences our team has had this year.  Good times!

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