The past 5 days have been glorious. The view from our balcony is stunning and so peaceful. It’s been the most wonderful place to sit, drink my coffee and have time to read my Bible, pray, and think. I feel refreshed physically, emotionally and spiritually and that was my prayer in coming here. But it’s interesting. In reading from a great devotional called Whiter that Snow this morning called Enough I was convicted once again. I hate it when that happens. Don’t you? Here’s a glimpse of what it talked about.

Enough is the persistent problem this side of eternity. Enough is what we seldom seem to get right. Enough is what trips us up, again and again. Enough is one of our deepest sources of trouble. Enough is what we find such difficulty in being satisfied with. Although the definition is different for each of us, the struggle with our enough is that it tends to keep expanding. And when it does, we never seem to have enough.

He goes on to talk about David and his infidelity with Bathsheba and how he had it all and it still wasn’t enough. We see it today in marriages all the time. People hop from one marriage to another because that person isn’t enough or we think the grass is greener on the other side. But here’s how I’ve seen it play out for me even in the last two weeks. Being soooo excited for our trip to Hawaii and the beach and the warm weather and sunbathing I began to check the weather report. Oh dear. It said cloudy and rainy for three days, then I check again and it’s 5 days, all the while my attitude is getting wretched. Some of you saw it so you can attest to it. Hawaii was no longer enough. I needed the beautiful sunshine to go with it. After all I had lived through 2 of the rainiest months on record in Portland and I “deserved” a break from that crappy weather. But, the night before we left we checked the weather and it had changed to sunny on all of those days. I think it was a test from the Lord to see how I would respond, well, I failed miserably. Thank goodness for grace and He’s blessed us with incredible weather while we’ve been here. Icing on the cake.

Here’s another example from the week. We’ve gone snorkeling a few times. I’ve seen fish that I didn’t know existed in every color you can imagine. Incredible. But, I still want more. I want to swim with the sea turtles and it’s just been to windy to get to those places this week. Still not enough. Sigh.

But there is hope and I can strive to be content in Christ alone.

There will be a day when we will be satisfied. There will be a time when we will all be so satiated by the presence  and glory of the Lord that we will finally be free from the desire for more. May each day be a step toward satisfaction.

May we grow daily in the experience of being filled and satisfied by him. As the old Christian chorus says, “may the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.” May we say with joy and integrity of heart, “He is enough.”

Hawaii isn’t the thing that makes me all better. It’s God alone who does that. I’m just thankful that God allowed us the incredible gift of this week to experience Him and be refreshed again.

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