That’s What She Said…..

Jenna was telling me one of her friends put something away in the wrong place. I told her that I find things in the wrong place all the time because a little girl named Jenna does that. She said, “Oh, well, I’m Fallula.” That’s her “other” name.

“Oh mom, I accidentally just pulled this petal off the flower.” That’s okay I tell her. Then she says “Well now I have a treat for you. You can have this beautiful petal.”

While doing the Resurrection Eggs with Jenna she said, “I think I need to stop talking about this now. It’s going to make me cry.” By the last egg she said, “This is so exciting! Will we get to see Jesus on Sunday?”

Overheard from the kitchen: Jenna whimpering after some laughter. Then, “daddy let’s do it again.” No, you just got hurt. “Oh, it’ll be fine. Let’s do it.” Ok. Are you ready? “No, you’re supposed to say, Now presenting……..!” Apparently they were pretending to be in the circus.

“Oh that looks so fun I can hardly stand here!” While in line waiting to do some crazy bouncy thing. Yes, that’s the technical term for that.

“Daddy will you play with me again?” “Yep, let’s go arm wrestle. Every girl should know how to arm wrestle.” “Ooooooo yea! Let’s do it!”

I asked if she wanted to finish coloring her picture and she said, “I most certainly do.”

I heated up my lunch and she said, “Do you think you’re really THAT hungry?” She’s so lovely.

We walked in the house and she was saying “We’re home house, we’re home.” Then she asked, “Why is our house not saying “Welcome home, welcome home” back to me?”

Matt asked Jenna if she wanted to go play the Wii. She said excitedly, “mom is that okay? I’ve had good time with you now I want to go have quality time with dad?!”

I was reading and Osama’s picture was on there. Jenna asked, “Is that one of the twelve disciples?” Um, no.

5 thoughts on “That’s What She Said…..”

  1. Jody-I just love your blog and your daughter is hilarious! “Are you really THAT hungry?” Priceless! Thank you for sharing all that you do~

  2. Twelve disciples…..too funny! hahaha.
    And “THAT” hungry…haha

    Oh, kids say the funniest the things!


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