I wish that I could say our family is as vibrant as that tulip that I picked from my yard and have been enjoying so much. But, alas we are sick again. Matt had it all last week, Isaac got it and now I have it too. It’s a nasty killer cold that tries to suck the life out of you. It’s really quiet pleasant. Do you sense my sarcasm?

But then tonight as Jenna was praying for William (our Compassion child that we sponsor) to be well and have clean water and food to eat I was reminded again how pathetic I can be. Leave it to my 4 year old to remind me. I’m totally exhausted and don’t remember the last decent nights sleep that I’ve had but I still have a warm, large house, lots of food, a hot shower (most the time) and the ability to sip my hot tea with honey when my throat hurts. Most of the world does not have that luxury. I have so much to learn about joyfully suffering (if you can even call things in my life “suffering”).

So I’ll try to keep my sad cries to a dull roar around here and pray rest comes soon.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you guys are sick again! You just can’t catch a break! Have you figured out why Isaac’s not sleeping through the night yet? Is he eating or just awake? That has got to be so hard and yet as you pointed out, there are so many who are worse off than we are in our spoiled little worlds. Even so, praying for an immune boost for all four of you and some much needed rest!! Love you.


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