What Would You Do?

Have you ever seen the show What Would You Do? with John Quinones? I’ve seen it a few times and I’m always shocked when people just stand there and don’t say anything in crazy situations. Well, I have a new respect for those situations because we had one this weekend.

Matt, Jenna and I were in the yard doing yard work when we hear yelling coming from a car. It comes around the corner, pulls over in front of our driveway, and a woman is yelling over and over to “Get Out! Get Out!” The man driving gets out and she’s yelling “Do you see what you did to my car?!” over and over again. We are literally 20 feet away and just standing there not sure what to do or say. This woman also has a walking boot on one foot. She continues to yell at this man who has said nothing at all. He bends over to look at the car, at which point I had looked away, and Matt said she kneed him in the mid-section. I heard him hit the ground and turned around. He was laying on the ground and she just keeps yelling. He slowly gets up and just walks away down the street. She then is yelling “Get back here and drive me home!” He just keeps walking, never saying a word. So she takes off her walking boot, hobbles to the car and drives away. We seriously were so in shock that this all happened right in front of us. After she left Matt said, “is there someone filming this because it seems like something that would have been on that show?”

I was so bothered by this for hours afterwards and felt like we had failed miserably in the situation. Not to mention Jenna was standing there the whole time. It was a good teaching moment that’s for sure. I think we should of asked the man if he was okay, or told the woman to calm down. I wish I would have taken the license plate and called the police. Because if she’s willing to kick or knee someone in front of a 4 year old she’s got to be much more violent at home. It was all together a really sad example of how broken the world is, how people don’t have the skills to cope or communicate in situations like that and that we were so shocked that we couldn’t even say anything.

That was the start to our weekend. Kinda crazy for sure. What would you have done if you had been there?

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