Picture Fanatic

I will be the first one to admit that I’m addicted to taking pictures, especially of my kids. Whoever said that the second child never gets their picture taken has obviously never met me. I was looking back to see what my average number of pictures was every month and it’s about 500. That’s right, 500 pictures. Our lives our fully documented.

It’s actually a source of conflict from time to time because Matt is over it and it’s a rare occasions to get Jenna to cooperate because I’m always behind the camera. But, these obstacles don’t stop me. It’s sort of a hobby and I think I have the cutest kids in the world so why wouldn’t I want to take their picture?

Oh, I gotta run, Isaac’s being adorable and I should probably document that face too 🙂

P.S. This is what Isaac and I do when others are irritated at our picture taking.

4 thoughts on “Picture Fanatic”

  1. I’m with Addie…you tell them! You take some amazing pictures too!
    PS. I hope you have an external hard drive as a back up! 🙂


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