That’s What She Said….

“Today at school we were pretending and I was an adult. I was princess of the WORLD and I wore the dress from Beauty and the Beast.”

While making paper airplanes I overheard her say, “I can tell this is my best one so far. It’s gonna rock your world dad!”

“I feel that song pushing and pushing and pushing its way into my head. I just can’t get it out of my head!”

“I would like some sunflower seeds for a snack.” Really? “Ya, they’re for eating not for growing.”

I told her to keep her pillow pet away from her dinner and she said, “But the commercial said they’re washable.”  I’ve never seen a commercial for them but she obviously has.

“Did you know it takes a LOT of lemons to make lemonade?”

“We didn’t get play time today at school so I didn’t get to marry Gunner today.” Really? You marry Gunner? “Only pretend married mom. I’ll marry him first and then Ania will marry him.”    Sweet, we have a polygamist colony at preschool.

“Did you know that leaders take people places, help people get better, and serve?” Those are a few of the things she learned while hiking with dad. So great.

While folding clothes: “Panties! So great. I was almost fresh out of ’em.”

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