The Card

I think I mentioned this card in one of my posts on The Not So Fertile Road but I just had to find the card that this friend sent me and show it to you. I’ve held onto this card for almost 5 years now. God used it in an incredible way. The timing of receiving it was also clearly from the Lord. I also mentioned in a post that God changed how I viewed Him. I saw Him as a Shepherd sitting with His sheep and just being there. Loving them gently. So when I got this card I wept and it still makes me cry. Do you see the picture that couple is staring at? It was almost the exact picture God gave me of who He was to me during that time in my life.

My friend sent me this card right after we lost our first baby and after she had sent me a birth announcement of their first child. She wanted to say she was sorry about our loss and hoped it wasn’t insensitive (which it wasn’t) to send the announcement. I don’t think she had any idea how that card would minister to my soul. She also said in there that she had been holding onto it for 4 years and she felt like we were the perfect recipients for it. She said there is a sense of elegance and strength to this photo and she thought of us (so kind but I didn’t feel like that at the time). All I know is that God used her during a time of joy for them and a time of sorrow for us. Her words and this picture spoke to my heart in incredible ways. I have always prayed after reading her words that I would journey on with strength and elegance. I know I don’t always do that but I hope that no matter how great or how hard the journey in life that I would glorify God in it.

What do you think of that picture? How do you view God in your life?

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