That’s What She Said….

“Do you have any problems or anything you want to tell me about?” Why, are you my counselor now? “No, I’m Super Girl”

“I don’t like lions because they could eat my little brother.”

“What does God look like? Could we go to heaven today and see him?”

“Mommy did you like my new song? It’s called Jesus Christ the Lord who never leaves you.” Where did you learn that song? “It’s mine from my heart.”

“Don’t whine about it Papa just get your own puzzle.”

“I know. Papa and I will go fishing and you and daddy can stay home with Isaac.”

Overheard from the kitchen in a very sweet voice: “hi little slobber face. You’re a cute little slobber face.”

She hugged me and leaned back and said, “Your face smells so good! Did you just put on lotion?” Then she hugged me again and smelled my face like a flower.

“My new favorite color is red. I chose red now because that’s the color of a heart. And I have a heart and in my heart is Jesus and I love him so much that my new favorite color is red.” That’s good logic right there.

“Let’s pretend I’m Mary, Daddy’s Joseph and Isaac is baby Jesus.” And then Isaac began to cry.

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