Cry of the Orphan

This weekend is Orphan Sunday. I’m not even sure if my church here is doing anything because we haven’t been a part very long, and well, we’ve not been very often in the last 2 months due to sleep deprivation. Excuses excuses I know. Anyway, I hope they do something. If not I’ll try to organize it for next year. Here is an incredible video that I think everyone should watch. It’s hosted by Francis Chan and has a lot of great people in it. You can watch this video here. I can’t help but cry when I watch it and then think about the next child I want to adopt. I think that we should finish paying for this one before I jump to the next but I can’t help that my heart is moved to want to act. No child should grow up without a mom and and dad to love them.

May you be spurred on to care for the orphans of our country and the world.

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