That’s What She Said

“Can’t you see I’m having a bad day? I can’t figure out what Ramona should wear. Isaac cries and wakes her up and daddy’s not here.”

“Ramona is going to college today. I’m sad because now she has to live there.”

She was singing about Echo location and I asked her about it. She said, “You know, like bats use to fly around in their cave with their super cool ears.”

“I’m such a smarty pants.” (over and over) I don’t think she knows that may not be a good thing.

How do you want to carve your pumpkin? “You know like a jack-o-lantern. With big scary eyes and an over sized mouth.”

“We watched a movie at school. There were lots of kids and some were mean and used lots of bad words.” Really? Like what bad words? “stupid and stuff.”  Ok whew. (It was Charlie Brown’s Halloween I think)

While doing puzzles in her Halloween dress: “I’m a smart princess.”

Are you pretty on the inside Jenna? “Yes I am AND on the outside too.”

“I have to watch out when he burps because there may be an explosion.”

“Mom, when will I grow up?” Well, I hope you grow up slowly. “NO, I want to grow up.” Why Jenna? “Because I want to do what you do like vacuum and be a mom of kids.”

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