My Favorite Room

I usually have one room in our house that I just really love to be in and right now it’s Isaac’s room. I love the color, how it looks and feels, and that when I’m in there I’m flooded with thankfulness. I’m thankful that I even had the opportunity to decorate another nursery. I feel blessed that God has answered so many prayers for our son. When I sit in there I look at the crib, the bedding, the curtains, the wall decor, the clothes, etc. I’m reminded of the sweet friends and family that have given so generously to make that nursery what it is, that have invested not only in that room but more importantly in Isaac and our family. 

So for every mom who is in their nursery changing 10 diapers a day or spending hours rocking a crying baby, I pray that you would be flooded with thankfulness for the gift of your child.

So do you have a favorite room? What do you love about it?

1 thought on “My Favorite Room”

  1. I love his room…so cute! I feel a lot like you do especially in Abigail’s room as I rock her and sing to her before bed. I just look around and take it all in. It’s not going to be too much longer that I have to do that with her!


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