Celebrating My Hubby

Today is my incredible husbands birthday. He is amazing in so many ways and I’m so thankful that God created him. He keeps telling people that he’s 29. He’s soooo funny 😉

We’re going to celebrate by having cake with our staff team and some of the regional staff, going to dinner tonight and in a few weeks going to a Beavers game which I am so excited about. It’s a gift for me too. I am a little sad though. We’ve celebrated our birthdays with our staff team in Bozeman for the last 8 years as well as with the same group of friends. I know it’s not my birthday, but it is my blog so I can be sad if I want to. I’m missing those people but I’m so thankful for the friends and staff friends that God has given us here. I’m reminded all the time how blessed we are relationally.

When I asked Jenna why she loved her dad this was the list she gave me:

  • he loves me
  • he’s handsome
  • he’s fun
  • he loves mommy
  • he takes good care of me
  • he’s smart
  • he loves God

She is one smart girl. She knows she has an incredible dad. I can’t imagine life without him. He makes every day sweeter for our family. Happy Birthday! We love you Matt!

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