That’s What She Said……

Complaining at the dinner table I told Jenna she needed to stop talking unless she had only encouraging and profitable things to share. She paused and said “Mom…….I love you”

“I’m just going to hide in this closet because no one wants to play with me”

She’s holding my iphone and says, “hhmmm it’s overcast today.” I then see that she’s looking at the weather on my phone and she proceeds to give me the weather report for the week.

“I love to watch the news and football”

I was crying because of some bad news and Jenna said “Jesus will wipe away every tear from every eye. And he’ll wipe away yours too mom.” Talk about melt your heart. She then prayed for my family. I hope she’s always this soft and sensitive to God.

Isaac was screaming for a bottle and after he got it she said, “I really think he thought he was going to die.”

“You have to wash my hair today for picture day (at school). It’s going to be a stupendous day!”

When I told her that Grandma didn’t get better and that we would see her in heaven she said, “But I prayed that she would get well.” Oh the heartbreak of life.

Jenna was pretend talking to Papa and she gasped and said “What, you made a decision without Grammie?!”

About to play Candy Land she says, “I took out all those ones over there. They make you go backwards and no one wants to do that.”

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  1. Clearly, I haven’t read your blog in awhile and I am commenting on every post:)! Ha! I love these posts you do about what Jenna says (she’s hilarious). I REALLY need to do that more with my kids so I don’t forget.


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