There is so much to be thankful for. My sweet boy is 4 weeks old, which is so crazy to me. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. He weighs 11 lbs already, eats as much as a 3 month old and the only chubby thing about him is his cheeks. He’s just solid. Built like an athlete for sure.

We have been given so much in the past few months physically, financially for our adoption, spiritually and emotionally. It would take a week to share all the things God and people have done for us. The most amazing thing to me is that I assumed that moving would make some of this stuff cease to exist. I’m not sure why but I did. We had such a great group of friends and staff in Bozeman that supported us and carried us through so many things and I just thought it wouldn’t be the same here. It’s not the same per say but God has continued to provide for us. Weird I know. We have had meals brought to us for the past 3 weeks and I can’t even begin to explain the blessing that’s been. I just didn’t expect that because in a city people have to drive more than 20 minutes most the time to get any where. But that didn’t stop them from doing it. We had people bring us meals from all over and they did it joyfully. We even got a meal brought from Salem. Now that’s amazing. It made me want to be better at serving others no matter the time commitment because I was so blessed by it.

My friend Bethany planned a baby shower for me, and then didn’t even get to come this weekend but it was such a blessing. It was a bittersweet day because my grandma was supposed to be there and my mom and my other grandma didn’t end up coming. I have grieved the loss of her life this week and yet a group of women came together (all of them but two either were pregnant or had babies) to help me celebrate the life of our sweet Isaac. I’m just so thankful for the people God has brought into my life. I just feel like one of the luckiest people because of the work that we do. It has allowed us to know, work with and live life with incredible people. I am so thankful for the richness of relationships.

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