More Unexpected Blessings

After taking Isaac home from the hospital, which we got to do before Brittani was discharged and something they say they rarely let happen, we expected to stay in Boise another week at least. Our lawyers told us that for the paper work to clear the legal system in both states it takes a while. We had been praying it would be fast but prepared to stay 10 more days. We were able to see Brittani a couple more times which was good for all of us. All of the paperwork was submitted on that Tuesday and Wed. morning we got a call that we could leave for home. We honestly thought they had made a mistake. Nope, no mistake. They have recently been able to do things digitally (thank you technology!) and we were cleared to go. Another unexpected blessing for sure. Our lawyers were even surprised and said that it had never happened so fast before. Praise the Lord!

We began to pack and made a dinner date with Brittani. It was not going to be easy to say goodbye to her. We had a quiet and a bit of a somber dinner together and she gave us a scrapbook she made for Isaac. It’s so sweet and something he’ll cherish forever. I still look through it everyday. When we took her home and it was time to go my heart was so heavy for her. She actually told me not to cry. She knows me well. But, that was a useless statement and I cried and hugged her for a long time. She probably wondered when is this crazy woman going to let me go? I just never realized how hard it would be to have to say bye to her. Knowing that our communication would be considerably less frequent was hard because we had a great friendship. Thankfully we’re still in contact so it does both of our hearts good right now.

The next day we headed out of Boise. I took a picture of Isaac and I on our balcony because that spot in the valley will always be dear to my heart. We then headed to my parents house since we got to leave so much earlier than planned. I really wanted to introduce Isaac to my two grandma’s and some family who had also been eagerly waiting to snuggle him. Little did we know how important this time there would be. It would be the first and last time my Grandma Caroline would hold my sweet son. She had a heart attack yesterday and died this morning. My heart is grieving for many reasons, one being that I’m going to miss her greatly. But I’m also rejoicing in how sweet the Lord is to give us that last time with her. I have a picture to show Isaac of his great grandma that loved him and couldn’t wait to meet him.

Sometimes the unexpected blessings are obvious quickly and sometimes years down the road when it comes to God and His timing. Today I’m rejoicing in this sweet mercy (as my friend Addie calls them).

I’m going to hug my sweet kids and husband tighter today because life is just too short. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

5 thoughts on “More Unexpected Blessings”

  1. Jody, I love reading your blog. I can only imagine how God has been growing you through all these unexpected blessing. Thanks for sharing your story. You are passing the blessing down to so many others.

  2. yes jody, i’m also sorry about your grandma. grandmas are the dearest. how wonderful for her to see issac. what a blessing for sure. praying for your grieving process.xoxo

  3. I have a college friend who lives in Helena who has the neatest story about the domestic adoption their family did with her oldest daughter. They’re in close contact with her biological mom (Lori’s daughter was even a flower girl in her bio mom’s wedding!). I’m sure Lori would be happy to share her experience with you if you’d ever like her email to get in touch with her.


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