Meeting Baby Brother

My parents drove to Boise after work on Friday with Jenna. Jenna had been crossing off days on a calendar for months as to when her little brother would arrive. The anticipation was high for her and she couldn’t wait to meet him. So when they showed up at the hospital at 12:45 am Jenna was wired. She hadn’t slept the whole 6 hour trip and couldn’t wait to meet Isaac. Because it was so late she only got to peek at him through the nursery window but that seemed to be enough at the moment and we sent her off to get some much needed sleep. She came bounding back in the next day to meet her little brother and her first words were “he’s so cute I love him so much!” What a precious moment. She couldn’t wait to hold him and give him lots of kisses. She’s a great big sister.

That day in the hospital was a challenge for us as a family. We left Isaac with Brittani (she said we could use her name) for about 5 hours and she had lots of visitors throughout the day. Those were some of the longest hours ever. It was hard for us to watch our son be passed around from person to person as we would randomly go back to check in. Jenna kept wondering why we couldn’t be with baby brother the whole time which made it harder. I just kept reminding myself throughout those hours that I was sooooo thankful that Brittani had a large group of friends who were loving her and supporting her through this process. Having them meet Isaac and be there for Brittani was what she needed and I wanted to give her that much. She had given us the gift of being there through it all so the least we could do was honor her in this way. And we do have the rest of our lives with him. But it was hard to do I won’t lie. I never feared she was changing her mind it’s just hard to watch others enjoy your child from a distance. It was really amazing though to meet some of those friends and hear how excited they were for us and how they had prayed for Isaac and Brittani along the way. Although hard, it was an incredible opportunity. It’s part of the journey that we never anticipated but saw God in it for sure.

The next day was one of the most emotional days I’ve ever experienced. Stay tuned for more of that story.

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