“I’m fine”

“So you’re freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional”

Those are a couple lines from a movie that I love, The Italian Job. Don’t judge me people I liked it then and and I still like it now. But I think that a lot of people can relate to that. We say we’re “fine” but inside we’re going a little crazy. I think that moms especially can succumb to fears of all sorts. I do anyway. The world has a lot to fear in it, especially for our children. But the good news is that God is still in control, He always wins, and we can trust Him no matter the circumstance.

The baby is due is like 16 days and the closer it gets the more I wake up in the morning with crazy fears (and normal ones). Will I be there on time, will it all go smoothly, can we handle the emotional stress, how will our son respond years down the road? On and on my mind can go.

I was finishing reading a book called A Mother’s Heart by Jean Fleming and the last chapter is on fear. I highly recommend this book! So good, so challenging.

Here’s a couple inserts and quotes from it. I hope you find it as encouraging as I did. But then maybe you are all GREAT and never struggle with being FINE like me 🙂

Undoubtedly, when we fear what may happen in the future, we rob today of strength and joy.

Fear often originates and multiplies in our minds, in our imaginations.

Fear does more harm that good

Recognize that your fears do your family more harm than good. Fears make us controlling. Fears make us tense. Fears show us, at that moment, not to be people of faith. Fears show us, at that moment, not to be people of hope. and unfortunately, fears often show us, at that moment, not to be people of love. Just as love casts out fear (1 John 4:18), it seems fears cast out love. Parents often drive their children from them and from faith by fears.

Our fears may press us either to frenzied decision or paralyzed indecision, to rash and regrettable words or a petrified silence, to unwarranted suspicious or unwise denial. For certain, our fears do our families more harm than good.

Fear may be one of the Enemy’s most powerful strategies. Fear has a way of taking over, of causing us to doubt God.

One of the last pieces of advice was this:  Take heart. Be calm. Be careful. Don’t be afraid. Trust God. Great Advice to live by.

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