Stocking Up

I have been cooking food at a rapid rate lately. I have been stocking the freezer with dinners for when the baby comes. I think that I’m probably over compensating because I remember how hard it was when we got home with Jenna. We also came home to an apartment that our staff team and friends moved us into and not a lot of food to eat so life was a bit more challenging in general. This time around I want to be more prepared. I also want to take some of it to Boise with us because we could be there for two weeks and I would prefer to not eat out that much. All that to say, I’ve been busy.

I wish that I would do this every month so the next month would be mostly taken care of as far as dinners go. Does anyone else plan ahead that well? And if you do what are your favorite meals to make ahead and freeze? Please share the wealth!

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  1. Hey-
    I made a ton of meals too before Emma was born. I actually found a food plan online that some lady put together who cooks a each month of meals on one big cooking day and freezes them. Kind of crazy but here’s some good ones that freeze well and taste good after thawed.
    (this one is so so easy to make and tastes good)


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