The Not So Fertile Road (#2)

(I haven’t forgotten about this series. I’m just unsure about what to share. So here’s my story, our story, in a shortened series of course. I pray that it gives some insight and God uses it somehow for someone. I also know that I don’t understand infertility to the same depths that some know it. … Read more

The Not So Fertile Road

I feel compelled for many reasons to write a series on infertility. I’m not really sure where to start and when I think about it there are so many things that I could say. For some reason God has allowed us to walk a hard road with fertility and I’ve talked about the state of … Read more

Challenged by Pain

I think that most of us are challenged in our faith when we face pain. We have two options really, turn away from and blame God or run to Him to help us walk through it. I find it a challenge to choose wisely sometimes. I’m just being honest. This week I found out that … Read more