Birthday Blessings Abound

(This post is part of my day today. It’s more for my memory bank when I want to look back one day because I know the older I get the less I’ll remember.)  This past week has been a hard one in light of news of a former student being killed in an avalanche and another … Read more

Delighted or Drowning?

I sat on the side of the pool, loving the hot humid air like a giant hug, high on the fumes of the chlorine smell. It takes me back to growing up in the pool and I love that familiar smell and atmosphere like a comfy old sweatshirt as weird as that is. I was … Read more

Books I read in 2014

I realize that 2014 was almost a month ago. I’m a little slow around here on the blog these days. I love good books. It’s one of the ways that God shapes me and teaches me most. I know not everyone is wired that way and that’s okay. If I’ve ever suggested a good book … Read more