One Full House

One thing that we value as a family and in ministry is to love and serve people together. We love to have people in our home. We prayed for a house that would have a guest room so that we could host people and a home that we could welcome others into often. We do this regularly but  this week somehow we were booked solid and it was inordinately full. In the past 7 days we’ve had 3 guests for a total of 4 nights, had friends in our home for dinner 2 nights, 6 college men for dinner and man time last night, had a Univ. of Portland student and her family come for a visit, I watched 3 extra kiddos and had two playdates. 22 wonderful people graced our home this week and what a privilege it’s been. All of this with work, MOPS and the regular schedules made for one crazy and great week. I wouldn’t trade any of it and I’m so grateful. But being an introvert, I’m thinking about curling up with my blanket and reading this new book we just got. I may not get to it tonight but it’s for sure in my near future.


Have you read this book? I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done.



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