A Golden Birthday

Birthdays are special around here, that’s no secret by now. I go to great lengths to make sure my kids feel celebrated on their birthdays. Jenna was especially excited about this party because it was her golden birthday. In her mind that was a very big deal. I remember how fun my golden birthday was as well. My husband on the other hand had no idea what we were talking about. Is this not common knowledge? Anyway, I digress.

Since Jenna was two she’s been putting her two cents in on what she wants for her party. Each year she wants to be in on more and more of the planning and preparations. I hope she always keeps that drive about her and is sure of what she wants. It’s a great quality even if it means the cake is decorated more to her liking than mine (although I loved how it turned out).

The party turned out terrific, the guests had a good time, and my princess felt celebrated. It was a very successful day.


7th birthday collage

In case you can’t tell, the theme was The Princess and the Frog. The girls all dressed up in princess attire, we had frog cupcakes, A Princess Tiana cake, gift bags with rings, bracelets, a necklace, and a swirly sucker, and three crafts (coloring sheets, crowns to decorate with jewels, and lightning bugs to decorate with glitter glue and glow in the dark paint). Plenty of things to keep 8 girls busy for a couple hours.

7th birthday party collage

In Jenna’s class this year on each child’s birthday the students shares some of the things they admire and like about the birthday boy/girl. They write some of them out on a big sheet of paper and then each child also writes it out and they put it in a folder for the birthday boy or girl to take home. I love that even at school she felt cared for and celebrated. The list she came home with made me so proud and yes, laugh out loud a little. Kids say the cutest things.

Jenna's 7th birthday class list


I’m so thankful for my sweet 7 year old, who’s enthusiasm, joy, kindness, and intelligence makes me smiley just like it does her classmates.



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