My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Have you ever read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? I haven’t either for quite some time but just the title resonates with my day yesterday.

Last week was incredibly full; full of some great things like going to campus to meet with students at Univ. of Portland, Halloween festivities and speaking at MOPS but it was also really stressful with planning for those things, having my usual speaking anxieties and wondering if I really have anything to offer. We were also in the throws of planning our annual fundraising dinner for work. It’s usually a very encouraging evening of sharing all that we’re seeing God do around the city and the region. More than 200 people pack the room to celebrate and give. This year, somewhat last minute I was asked to help a student share her story on stage with three others. I’m not given that opportunity often so it was exciting to think that I would get to be a part of helping others get a glimpse of the incredible things God is doing in changing the lives of college students, and a student that I love and work with.

Well, it began to unravel yesterday when my student came down with a sickness. 3 hours before the even I called another incredible student I work with and somewhat begged her to fill in. She agreed and I knew that God would use her story intertwined with the other students story to be great. As the afternoon and evening progressed I was feeling ill myself, very nauseous, terrible headache, etc. I attributed it to nerves and the last minute plans. As they delivered my plate of steak for dinner though and I almost threw up just at the site of food, I knew I was in trouble. I choked down half of it trying to continue making conversation with the guests at my table all the while praying desperately that I wouldn’t get sick before the night was over. As it was time for us to head up on stage I had already told my student I didn’t know if I would make it, putting her in the most awkward position ever to now be last minute filling in for someone else and maybe even doing my part too. Because I’m stubborn I headed up on stage determined to make it through. As the first people were sharing I began to sweat and feel dizzy and knew that if I didn’t leave the stage immediately the 200+ guests wouldn’t just be getting a glimpse of what God was doing in these students lives but of my dinner being thrown up. I handed off my microphone and slipped off the stage right before it was our turn. Had I not done that the embarrassment of actually leaving the stage in the middle of the presentation would have been much worse. Thankfully I made it to the bathroom where I privately hugged a public toilet bowl (Two terrible events in one). I’ve spent the night remembering why I hate the stomach bug and angry at it’s very unfortunate timing. Oh the sadness and embarrassment I feel.

I’m just glad my mom was there for the evening to see her daughters shining moment because she was able to get me home quickly so I could hug my own private toilet bowl. Moms are great like that.

I’ve been told that Sally, my student who shared, did an amazing job. God still moved and encouraged hearts. He still will provide for our needs of the ministry even if I bolt from the stage last minute. It’s not dependent on me. I have to keep reminding myself this when I’ve overwhelmed with thinking about how the evening went for me personally.

Ugh, I hate terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Now, if I could just feel better that would be great.

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