How Do You Carry Water?

We made a trip across the mountain yesterday for my nieces birthday party. We made it a one day trip so we could sleep in our own bed last night. If only that would have happened……noisy neighbors and two kids up in the middle of the night made for a sleepless night…..grrrrrr. But I’ll stop there for your protection. And well, that’s not what I wanted to write about.

As we were driving along we came upon a car pulling a trailer. That’s not strange really but the strange part to me was that there was only one thing strapped to that trailer, a case of arrowhead bottled water. Now I’m sure those very nice people had a great reason for only pulling that water along behind on a trailer but it struck me again what a different world we live in here. Here we drive our SUV’s (I have one too), haul our stuff around on trailers from time to time, and buy water in bottles and tote it around like it’s no big deal (I too occasionally buy bottled water). But I’ve been to Africa and watched how they do it. I’ve watched first hand as women and children walk miles for clean water. Clean water, a rare commodity to so many and yet so readily available and wasted here in America. And then those women and children, they carry their water on their heads, not at top speed with a trailer. I was just reminded once again that I live in a place of great privilege and comfort, even when I only sleep a few hours a night and never feel rested. I still go to the tap, get my water, take a very long hot shower, and do my laundry very quickly and conveniently in my washer and dryer.

water comparison

Sometimes I think I need the reminder of just how spoiled I am and not take all my blessings for granted.


*Thanks Brittany for the picture from Africa 🙂

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