That’s What She Said…..

Well, it’s been months since I’ve done one of these posts and some of these quotes are from 4 months ago. The posts are very rare these days. Not because Jenna doesn’t say funny things but because life is full and she just sounds intelligent. What makes them funny is that they come from the mouth of a 6 year old. So sweet. Hope you enjoy these.

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“Now that I’m getting older I’m beginning to understand more grown up things, like kid toothpaste really does taste bad.”

Matt was saying why he couldn’t do something if Isaac was with him. Jenna overheard him and whispered, “welcome to my life dad.”

“Sometimes I wish all I had in my room was books. Maybe a couple toys but I just want LOTS of books.”

My mom was visiting and she was looking for her camera to take pictures of her at her ballet class. She asked Jenna if she had seen it and Jenna said, “Or, you could just store up your memories instead.”

We’re having her learn about the Oregon Trail for our trip to Colorado. She was reading to Matt her list of things that they packed. In the list of food was 150 lbs. of bacon. She said, “How did they eat that much pig?!”

Jenna said to Matt, “My ears are full of water.” (she had been swimming earlier) She paused and then said, “No they’re just full of love from you.” Where does she get this stuff?!

“When I get my hair cut I just feel so fresh afterwards. I’m not sure why.”

We asked if she had fun at kids camp and she said, “I had nothing but fun, fun, fun!”

This is one of my favorite conversations overheard in the car this summer with three other staff kids:

  • “I want to eat this apple (referring to the apple they had for lunch)”
  • “Don’t fall into temptation.”
  • “Watch out for flaming arrows!”
  • “Put up your shield!”
  • the child started to eat the apple
  • “Oh no, you’re giving into temptation!”
  • “Temptation tastes good.”
  • followed by a lot of laughter. (They had been studying the armor of God at kids camp)

Jenna came home from school and said, “Friday is my favorite day of the week.” I asked why, knowing why it’s my favorite day but to my surprise she said, “It’s my favorite because they send us home with a packet of homework!”

Matt and Jenna were out riding their bikes and he didn’t put his helmet on. She told him, “Well that’s just not as safe but at least you have one helmet on, the helmet of salvation.” True Jenna, very true.







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