Class Time–Buckle In

As the kids were being taken care of by older staff kids, Matt was off working, I took what feels like, my last couple hours of freedom to run an errand kid free and then go sit by the pool to soak in the rays while reading for my classes. My Biblical Interpretation and Old Testament classes start tomorrow. I’m slightly terrified at how much work and brain power this really will take.


Thankfully I’m starting to feel better so that will help immensely. I finally caved to the exploding pain and pressure in my sinuses and constant coughing and headed to the doctor. My immune system failed again. Thankfully there are antibiotics and they are beginning to work their magic.

Now the real test will be to see if we all survive the summer of childcare. We rarely escape without an epic case of the flu. Here’s hoping we’ve paid our dues and we escape it’s wrath. Only time will tell.

Well my friends, I hope to be on here again soon. We’ll see how consuming my classes are and how often I can write. Here I go, buckling in for the ride.

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