Missing Out

I hate missing out on fun moments with my family. We made it to Fort Collins and are settling in. Matt has started his role with the summer project and I’m waiting for my classes to start next week. In the meantime, I’m still feeling miserable. My sinuses are aching, green snot abounds, and my lungs are burning. I should probably go to the doctor but I’m really stubborn like that. Matt and the kids went to the splash park and had a great time while I tried to rest (he’s such a great dad and husband). He sent me this picture.


Did I mention I hate missing out? I think that part of me dreads my classes this summer because I fear that I’ll miss out on fun moments with my family while I have to study. I know that I need this challenge and I’m praying that it will mature me in my faith and sharpen me for my job. I’m praying that I will value my time with the Lord as I dig into scripture, required reading and writing a sermon as much as I value time with my family. It’s hard to value my development over being with my family. They’re just so cute! Does that make sense? If not, I blame it on the sickness and serious lack of sleep I’ve had for the past 2 weeks with sick kids and now me being sick.

If you’re the praying kind would you pray I get well soon and that I’ll engage in my classes this summer and not grow bitter that I’m missing out? Thanks friends.

Here are a few fun pics from the last few days.


We had a fun time at the city park. This picture of Matt and I says a lot I think.



We went to the pool to visit with friends and before we knew it Isaac was in with his clothes on and torturing people with his pool noodle. Yep, that’s my kid.


And to add a little fun to the day today we went to Sonic happy hour. Nothing soothes the throat like a strawberry limeade. Isaac is purposely making that face and this is my friend Sally. She’s on the summer project here this summer. I have been meeting with her at Univ. of Portland this spring and adore her. She’s feisty like me and a delight to be with. I’m hoping she has an incredible summer here. It was her first trip to Sonic so I only thought it fitting to document it.


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