Last Day of Kindergarten



I want to assure you that I did not dress my daughter this morning. She came down from her room in the same outfit that she wore on her first day of school this year. It makes it even easier to tell how much she’s grown in the last nine months because she’s wearing the same thing though. I’m pretty sure she’s grown about 6 inches. It’s incredible how much can change in the course of a school year. My little girl is growing up. She was actually very sad to be done with kindergarten and she wasn’t jumping for joy as we left even though the picture looks like that might be true. She’s so sad to leave her friends behind and miss out on the last two weeks of school. There are definitely sacrifices that come with the job that we do and I hate it when it affects my kids. I know that when we get to Colorado she’ll be excited for all that’s there but it’s hard until then.

I took fruit bars to school today so Jenna could have some kind of celebration on her last day of school. The kids loved it and we were all thankful she was healthy enough to go for her last day. She’s been so sad to miss school all week. We celebrated with big suckers after school. We wanted to make the day as special as we could for her. Jenna loved hers. Isaac’s Tylenol hadn’t kicked in yet so even the sucker wasn’t taking the edge off the grumpy that comes with 4 days of off and on fever.



We met some of our sweet friends for our last dinner outing together before we leave and then played at a park. It was the happiest Isaac was all day. Sometimes you just need some friend time. We have been under lock down for the past 8 days so I can totally relate to his feelings for someone from the outside.


It was a great day of celebrating Jenna. I know every year I will say it, but I can’t believe how quickly it’s going.

And well, instead of packing tonight, I was making 4 batches of strawberry freezer jam. The berries are ready and I had to jump on the opportunity to make jam for the next year. It’s just too good to pass up. I’m clearly a crazy person. And, instead of going to bed like a sane person, I’m blogging. I have no self discipline.

Happy Weekend friends!


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