Sick Days & Daydreaming

Well nothing says spring fever like a terrible virus and an actual fever. Poor Jenna has had a fever for 5 days now, pneumonia, a possible sinus infection on it’s way and now Isaac has taken on the fever and the endless amount of snot. Oh the joys. I’m hoping that Jenna will make it back to school for her last day of kindergarten on Friday before we head out for the summer. Every year before we leave for the summer someone comes down with something terrible. Just makes leaving that much more stressful and complicated. I seriously blame Satan.

So our last 5 days have looked a lot like these pictures below. We’ve been couped up watching TV, coloring, building, more TV and trying to nap. When the Tylenol kicks in Isaac thinks he should go ride his bike so we let him get some fresh air and then he tires out and heads back to the couch. Not exactly how we planned this week, but here we are.



Maybe you remember me mentioning that I’m taking three seminary courses this summer. The last time I took a course was 10 years ago. It was actually a course that you had to listen to on TAPE. That’s right, cassette tape. That makes me feel old and also I have no idea why they were on tape and not on CD. One day Matt and I were listening to the lecture and the next thing we know we are waking up to the loud CLICK of the tape player going off. We had slept through the whole talk. That’s how this week has been for me with my reading. I’m trying to squeeze in a chapter here and a chapter there with taking care of sick kids and I’m just so exhausted that I don’t think I remember anything I’ve read. Taking classes while having children, especially small children that don’t sleep is a whole different ball game. This summer is going to be a challenge for sure. I’m down at least a million brain cells from lack of sleep the past 6 years so I’ve got that going for me.


Matt’s mom was also here this week visiting. The kids got lots of time with her that we wouldn’t have had if they weren’t sick so I guess there’s a positive side to it. They loved seeing her and her dog Toby. Although the first two days Isaac ran shrieking in fear every time the dog came near him. He’s clearly not used to being around animals.


So here’s our latest obsession around here. Matt and I really want one of these VW Camper Vans. We’ve been looking for a while and this one popped up on Craigslist and we couldn’t help but go look. The color alone sold me. It’s just so cute! The adventure side of us wants to have one so we can drive around the NW and be able to camp and have what we need all contained (and it’s way better than tent camping, I’m too old for that). It sounds so fun! If money weren’t an option in our world we would totally jump on this. It’s actually a great deal but probably only a dream for now. We drove it around a couple blocks and the kids were seriously in heaven. When we got out Isaac said, “I love that” and Jenna was asking over and over if we could get it. Maybe someday, although we’re tempted to sell our second car and do it. Ah, it’s fun to daydream.

Well, that’s a glimpse of our lives in the last few days. The next four days are going to be especially full getting ready to leave for 7 weeks. We’d love your prayers for us to stay healthy, our kids to get healthy and for our summer away. It’s going to be a challenge in many ways for us. If you don’t hear from me much on here this summer you’ll know why (I’ll be crying over my seminary books instead of blogging).


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