Weekend Happenings

My hubby is home after being gone for 4 days. So glad he’s back. One, I don’t like it when he’s gone; Two, I also don’t like missing out when he’s gone for work conferences. I feel all sad and jealous to be left behind when I know really great things are happening at conferences like he was just at. It’s one of the more challenging things for me in life at home with kids honestly; I hate missing out. I also know that it’s only a season and I’ll miss this age one day.

But on the bright side, I got to spend some fun times with my parents and aunt that came to visit and keep us company while Matt was a way. They spoiled us and treated us to lots of fun things. I really love that family is not too far away.

I also got invited to go to a concert on Saturday night with my new friend Katie. She was given tickets to the Tyler Ward concert and asked me to join her. I had no idea who he was before sitting in that theater. Let’s just say I felt a little old but we had a great time. There were lots of young people down by the stage screaming things like, “I love you Tyler!” “You’re so hot Tyler!” It took me back to the years of crushing on boy bands and hanging their poster on my wall (Oh come on you know you did it). I guess he’s kind of known for doing cover songs and he did a remix of a ton of 90’s hits that totally took me back. The young people (I’ll call them that, they seemed like kids though) were singing along and they probably have no idea he didn’t actually come up with those songs because they’re too young to know the originals. It gave us a good laugh to hear some of those lyrics again. He was a great performer and seriously loves being a musician, I’ve never seen anyone smile so much while performing. Intel sponsored the concert and they handed out these amazing pens that flash and light up. And of course Katie and I had to ask for two because we couldn’t just take one of those home for our kids to fight over. The guy was a good sport and complied to our request. You know you’re old when you ask for something at the concert to take home to your kids and when you stay seated the whole time. I have to say, I much prefer this age. Good times (Thanks Katie!).

Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

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