Glorious Weekend Indeed

Although we were disappointed by our Fall Retreat being canceled, we were blessed in ways we wouldn’t have been had we been there. (See I can look on the bright side of things too.)

Some of our regional leaders (and friends) wanted to encourage us and make sure we felt loved and cared for in the midst of disappointment so they made our team dinner on Friday night. It was so fun to be together, laugh, relax, eat good food and toast to the things God has been and is doing despite not having a Fall Retreat. Thanks Kevin, Kristi, & Amy for a delightful evening!

Saturday we were able to attend the last of the events going on with something called Seven. A group of churches partnered together to pray and fast for 7 days for the city. They had events in the evenings and one on Sat. morning down by the river. It was awesome to see about 1000 people come together to worship, pray together and then go out prayer walking around the city. It was a beautiful day to top it off. It’s so encouraging to know that there really are others in the city wanting to see Christ glorified. Some days you feel alone but we’re definitely not.

After our prayer walk we decided to play in the fountain since it was so nice out. The kids had a great time for sure. I keep thinking, “Is it really October?!”

Today we enjoyed church and then did some yard work; cleaning up the garden, planting Tulips for the spring, and pruning rose bushes (which have more roses on them now than they did in August. Amazing!). It was just too spectacular to be inside so we made ourselves useful around the outside of our house. Jenna kept telling me it was too hot to be outside. Crazy girl!

I thoroughly enjoyed our free weekend. We don’t have another one for 7 weeks because at least one if not all of us will be traveling. This is the crazy time of year for sure. Although it’s usually crazy, who am I trying to fool.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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