The Happenings

I know, you’re all wondering what we’ve been up to lately. And well, if you weren’t I’m about to share anyway. While Matt was in seminary class last week the kids and I packed in a LOT of fun along with some work of course. Here are some of the highlights:

Berry Picking

We went berry picking twice this week and have 2 batches of strawberry jam, 3 bags of frozen berries, enjoyed a strawberry pie and have eaten pounds of fresh berries as a result. So yummy! They should have weighed Isaac before hand because he ate a load of berries while in the field along with lots of dirt, and some stems and leaves which he payed for later if you know what I mean. Revenge of the berries.

Date Night

My sweet husband set up a sitter so we could have a date night. I love those because he’s my favorite person to be with and the schedule’s been kind of full so it’s great to get away for a couple hours. We watched a great sunset by the river and then enjoyed the crazies down on Hawthorne street. I have to say, Portland has taken the 80’s clothing to a terrible new low. I’m sorry if you enjoy those clothes but I think that’s something that should never be brought back.

Our Yard and Garden

The raspberries in our yard are producing a bowlful of deliciousness every day right now. We are loving it! Our garden is growing beautifully as well and I just cut 2 big bags of spinach and soon we’ll have many other things to go with it. The rose bushes that we’ve been blessed with at this house are fantastic. They provide beautiful bouquets every few days which makes me so giddy.

Our Fruit of the Spirit Tree

We’re still working on our tree each week. Jenna is so sweet to point out others exhibiting the fruit of the spirit. It’s been a great challenge for all of us.


After returning from camping where we ate steak, some ham with breakfast, pancakes and sticky buns along with chips and s’mores. I know, healthy stuff right? We (especially me) felt pretty terrible. My insides hated me and I could barely keep my eyes open on Monday from feeling so lethargic. So, all that to say, we’ll be sticking to our mostly vegan diet. We’ll be flexible but our new eating style is here to stay. I really never thought that would happen, but it has. Oh ya, and I got a Big Boss Juicer that I’ve been using almost everyday and LOVING it. It’s taken the place of my afternoon coffee which I never thought I could give up.

Now, if the summer weather would get here and stick around we would be having even more fun. What have you been up to this summer so far?

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  1. That’s awesome about the food! I’m about to get drastic with our family too. I’d love to know more about the juicer because I totally want one:).


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