Vegan Update #2

Well friends we’ve made it to day 17 and last night we were kind of wanting to throw in the towel. A moment of weakness hit. Honestly it’s not really that bad. I like all the food we’ve eaten, although some has been better than others, it’s way healthier, I don’t really miss meat that much, but the reality is that it still takes more planning and more discipline to eat this way. Matt’s cheated a couple more times than I have when he’s gone out to eat but I’m so impressed with how he’s stuck to our challenge.

I was pretty nervous last weekend because my parents came to visit and my dad is no vegan that’s for sure. But I’m proud to say that he enjoyed all the meals we had and even had seconds. So I’ll have you all know this has been dad tested and kid approved. Amazing!

Here’s what we’ve eaten if you’re interested.

Day 5: We were at the wedding so we cheated (we had some roast beef and it was so good)
Day 6: Tortilla bean soup with avocado and chips
Day 7: Costco (this was the day I cheated)
Day 8: Teriyaki Stir fry with tofu (2 ate the tofu and 2 did not. It’s a texture thing.)
Day 9: Potato leek soup and homemade rosemary french bread
Day 10: Veggie and hummus wraps with tator tots
Day 11: Chimmichurri tacos, corn, black bean and avocado salad with chips
Day 12: Black bean and quinoa burgers with quinoa fruit salad and sautéed asparagus
Day 13: falafal wraps
Day 14: corn, broccoli, & spaghetti
Day 15: Veggie burrito and brownies (I couldn’t believe how good the brownies were. Yum!)
Day 16: Veggie curry with rice
Day 17: Tortilla bean soup with avocado and chips (we really like this one)

Now, I have to go, I have brownies to finish off. Mmmmmm.

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