Birthday Blessings

Well, I’m another year older and I’d like to think wiser. I have a lot more gray hair after this last year so I’m going to take that as the outward sign that yes, I’m definitely wiser (that’s what that means after all.)

This last year was challenging in so many ways and I’m hoping this year will be a bit less eventful. Although we were able to see God provide in ways for us physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually that have blown us away. He again has proven himself gracious, faithful and generous beyond anything I deserve.

Today I was blessed with sweet hugs from my kids, artwork from Jenna, cards and chocolate bars (my friends know my love language), flowers, gifts in the mail, and so many sweet and encouraging texts and Facebook messages (Except the one my husband put on there with a picture of me in high school. He’s so funny.). To end our day I was able to go to dinner and dessert with my sweet hubby and some great friends. It was so fun and refreshing. I had to take a picture of this beautiful pink tree with the lights on it while on our stroll tonight. I appreciate beautiful things what can I say. I feel richly blessed. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making my day so special.

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