That’s What She Said…….

We were eating beef for dinner. “Was that cow? I love cow.” Then she proceeded to sing a song to the cow. “Sorry little cow. Sorry big cow. I want you to be alive but I need you to be dead so I can eat you.” No vegetarian here ladies and gentlemen. Let the animal rights activists rage.

Rick Steves came on pbs and she shouted so excitedly. “I LOVE this show! It’s about traveling the world and they’re going to talk about Scotland where Bailey lives (her cousin)!” I didn’t realize she had ever watched that program.

While on the plane to Florida she exclaimed while landing, “We’re going down!”

Matt asked if she was going to take a nap and she replied, “negative ghost rider.”

She was looking at a picture of a new baby she was asking about the clip on the belly button. I explained how they cut the cord when the baby is born. A few minutes later she said, “did I have a plug in like that when I was born too?”

Jenna had her feelings hurt a couple times today by two friends and when we were talking about it she said, “I guess I’m just a fragile flower today.” Yes indeed.

We were doing our Resurrection Eggs for Easter and half way through Jenna looked at me and said, “I just love Jesus so much!” She has such a sweet heart and understanding of Jesus. He definitely is worthy of our adoration and love.

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