Living Room Update

So I think we’ve decided how our living room will be most functional for us. We’ve changed it every week since we’ve moved in but we’ve landed on a decision for now. We found some new white chairs on Craigslist because ours were falling apart, so disgusting because of kids and these add a little more modern flare to the look. We also put up some pictures on the wall which makes it feel more homey and like we’re actually going to stay awhile. I’m loving it!

I know that there is no home here on this earth that is permanent. This may not be our “forever” home but we are so thankful for it. I think after moving so many times over the 11 years of our marriage, traveling every summer, and not holding onto “things” too tightly it helps us keep an eternal perspective. Home is wherever your family dwells for the time being. I don’t know how many years we’ll be in this particular spot (I hope a really long time) but we are just so grateful for the blessing that it is. We’ve seen God answer so many prayers with allowing us to live here like:

  • an extra bedroom for guests (which we’ve had almost every week).
  • bright and lots of light
  • room to grow (there’s a basement to finish)
  • a kitchen that allows me to cook for our family and feed lots of guests
  • an open living space
  • an office (it’s in the laundry room but it’s perfect)
  • close to PSU
  • a yard

The list goes on and on. The point is, this is more than just our living room. It’s the place that God has provided for us to live, grow and serve and we are so grateful for it.

What do you think about our space? Any suggestions for us? What makes a great living room?

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  1. love how bright and cheerful it is jody! i love yellow and reds…. you have done a great job decorating and picking things out!


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