Wrongful birth?!

In the news this past week has been a story of a Portland couple who was just awarded $2.9 million in a wrongful birth suit. Did you catch that? A wrongful birth. They had a test done when the mother was pregnant to find out if there were any abnormalities or down syndrome was a possibility. It came back negative. The hospital was wrong so the parents sued because they would have terminated the pregnancy had it been positive. The horrifying thing is that multiple studies have found that 89% or more mothers terminate their pregnancies when they find out they are carrying a child with down syndrome. This literally makes me sick to my stomach.

We have friends with a down syndrome baby and he is such a gift. Yes, life is more challenging. Yes, it’s not what every parent dreams of. But sometimes the best gifts come in an unexpected way.

I just keep thinking about the quote from the boy who the book Heaven is for Real is about when he says, “There were so many little kids.” This is why. Countless numbers of babies are killed every day because they aren’t wanted or aren’t going to be born “perfect.” What a sad world we live in; it just truly breaks my heart.

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  1. I so agree, Jody. This is heartbreakingly tragic. I feel like I’ve read/seeb so many things lately about the state of our world and human ‘reason’ (watched a horrifying and eyeopening little clip on China’s forced abortion issue last night) and all I can say is that I can’t wait until Jesus comes back to abolish such horrific things and to redeem this wrecked world. Until then, may God break many many hearts over these issues and cause us all to pray fervently!


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