That’s What She Said……

“I want you to go with me wherever I go and I want to go wherever you go.” I said, “really, why?” She then said, “Because I like your pretty face.”

I was telling Jenna how wonderfully and fearfully made she was and that God even knew how many hairs were on her head. I told her God even knew how many gray hairs were on my head and I leaned over to show her. I said I needed to color my hair again and she told me “Mom, the stores are going to run out of hair dye to color your hair pretty soon. You should just let it be gray.” I told her I wasn’t ready to have all gray hair and she said, “You know, God loves you with gray hair too.”

I told her Rachel just got back from Africa and she excitedly shouted “Wow, did she get to see William?!” That’s the boy we sponsor in Africa. I told her sadly no she didn’t. A minute later she said very seriously and in a pondering tone, “When I look up at the moon the thought comes to me that one day he will come here and see us with his mother.”

While leaving my friends baby shower they gave us two¬† jars of m&m’s and Jenna said, “I’ve had enough sugar for today but I’ll save these for tomorrow.” Upon which everyone in the room started laughing and then congratulated me on how trained she is.

On the way home from the baby shower she said, “That was the most fun baby party ever! I never knew they could be so fun. Do you remember Isaac’s? It wasn’t that fun.” I don’t even remember her being there. Maybe that’s why she didn’t think it was fun.

She was trying to decide if she wanted to be an astronaut or a ballerina. A while later she said, “I know, I could put my ballerina outfit on under my space suit, go to the moon and dance in outer space. I bet no one has ever done that before.”

Talking to Matt she said, “I want you to come with me to get my pj’s. Not because I need your help but because you’re so handsome.”

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  1. She can come hang out with me and tell me I’m pretty and God loves me with my “ugh” things any time. I won’t even try to ply her with too much sugar.


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